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Gefvert erbjuder en tjänstereseförsäkring som kan anpassas såväl till det lilla som det medelstora företaget. Den inkluderar ett generöst avbeställningsskydd samt möjligheten att medförsäkra familjen under resa. Försäkringen har inga inskränkningar vad avser hur stor andel av resdagarna som får företas utanför Sverige.

  • Avbeställningsskydd
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​1 prisbasbelopp (pbb) 2019 är 46 500 kr.

Medlem i något av våra förmånsberättigade förbund?
B) In respect of accident and/or acute illness - Medical expenses, incl. repatriation
30 000 Euro

If you, due to an accident* or acute illness* that occurs while you are covered by the
insurance, have to visit a doctor or hospital, this insurance covers:

  • doctor and hospital bills
  • costs for prescribed drugs/medicine
  • travel costs in connection with the above
  • medical evacuation
  • in case of death - burial costs, or the cost of sending home the remains
  • extra costs due to you having to change accommodation on medical grounds
  • dental care due to accident*

The insurance does not cover

  • hospital costs from other than public hospitals
  • existing illnesses or illnesses of a chronic nature unless there is a severe/acute
  • deterioration of the same
  • costs for health clinic or rehabilitation homes
  • costs in connection with pregnancy if they occur after the 32nd week
  • normal dental care
  • loss of income
  • damage to teeth caused by biting or chewing, as that is not considered as accident
  • accident* that occurs when the insured participates in a sports/athletic event,
  • representing a club
  • illness or injury caused by the insured’s abuse of alcohol and/or drugs
  • injury that occurs when the insured participates in or performs
    - boxing, kung-fu, judo, karate or any other form fighting sport
    - diving, other than skin diving
    - parachuting, -sailing, -skiing
    - mountaineering, canyoning, climbing (also indoors)
    - professional sport
C) In respect of accidental death
40 000 SEK

In case of death
If you, due to an accident* that occurs while you are covered by the insurance, should die
within three years of the accident*, the insurance pays out 150 000 SEK.

Primary beneficiary is your husband/wife, secondary your children, and thirdly other heirs. If you like some other party as beneficiary you will have to contact Gefvert AB.

Permanent disability
If you, due to an accident* that occurs while you are covered by the insurance, should suffer
permanent disability, partial or complete, the insurance pays one of two kinds of indemnity:

1. Economical Disability, should your disability force you to take an early retirement due to
diminished working capacity. The insurance pays from 50 % to 100 % of the maximum
indemnity* of 600 000 SEK depending on the degree of disability.

2. Medical Disability, where the disability is rated according to a fixed scale, for example loss of
one eye XX% disability, loss of one foot YY % etc. Pays in proportion to the disability, i.e.
20 % disability pays 20 % of the maximum indemnity* etc.

Neither part covers injury that occurs when the insured participates in or performs

  • boxing, kung-fu, judo, karate or any other form of fighting sports
  • diving, other than skin diving
  • parachuting, -sailing
  • mountaineering, canyoning, climbing (also indoors)
  • professional sport
F) Personal Belongings - only within the Nordic countries
40 000 SEK

This insurance covers

  • Personal belongings up to a value of 40 000 SEK.
  • Checked luggage is limited to 20 000 SEK per piece.
  • Theftprone articles as cameras, jewellery, watches, computers etc are limited to 20 000 SEK, money to 5 000 SEK and travel documents to 10 000 SEK.

It’s an All Risk Insurance that, with a few exceptions, covers sudden and unforeseen damage
to, or loss of, your personal belongings. The main exceptions are:

  • damage due to wear and tear, consumption, self-destruction or age
  • money, travel documents that are
    - checked and/or left in somebody’s care
    - left in a vehicle
  • damage due to insufficient or improper packaging
  • property that’s left behind or forgotten, even if it’s later stolen. If you can’t explain how the
  • loss happened, it’s considered as left or forgotten.
Limited per piece of checked luggage
20 000 SEK
Limited for theftprone items (cameras, jewellery, watches and the like)
20 000 SEK
Limited for money
5 000 SEK
Limited for tickets and the like
10 000 SEK


Excess for B, C, F: 1 000 SEK


14 days: 2 677 SEK

1 month: 4 465 SEK

2 month: 6 697 SEK

3 month: 8 483 SEK

4 month: 10 269 SEK

6 month: 13 841 SEK

9 month: 18 978 SEK

12 month: 22 325 SEK


14 days: 4 449 SEK

1 month: 7 534 SEK

2 month: 11 302 SEK

3 month: 14 315 SEK

4 month: 17 330 SEK

6 month: 23 357 SEK

9 month: 32 022 SEK

12 month: 37 676 SEK


14 days: 6 269 SEK

1 month: 10 447 SEK

2 month: 15 673 SEK

3 month: 19 851 SEK

4 month: 24 031 SEK

6 month: 32 389 SEK

9 month: 44 404 SEK

12 month: 52 239 SEK

Payment in advance, in full.

If you get ill, or have an accident and therefore have to see a doctor, you can either pay directly, and later be reimbursed, (preferably, as this is the easiest way) or contact Falck Global Assistance*, that can guarantee the payment.

N.B.! Dental costs are only covered when they are the result of an accident*, or is an acute pain killing treatment.

If you contact Falck Global Assistance*, they need the following information:

  • That it is a FERLIN 1 insurance.
  • Your Policy number, which can be found on your Policy.
  • If you pay directly, you then contact Gefvert AB and make your claim.

They require both a receipt and a statement from the doctor etc, stating the reason for your visit.

Please contact Gefvert in following cases

  • If your property gets damaged, lost or stolen.
  • In case of loss or theft, they require a police report.
  • If you suffer any injury, loss, or whatever, or cause it to somebody else, always contact Gefvert.
  • If you have any questions regarding the insurance

Address: P.O. Box 38156,  100 64 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: Int. + 46 8 440 54 40, Nat. 08 – 440 54 40
Fax: Int. + 46 8 678 29 20, Nat. 08 – 678 29 20
E-Mail: kundservice@gefvert.se



Injury caused by sudden, external means

  • food/drink poisoning
  • infection by bacteria/virus
  • the use of drugs
  • treatment/examination not brought about by illness/injury covered by this insurance
  • damage to teeth caused by biting or chewing

Acute illness

Illness that occurs/shows it first symptoms after the insurance has started (i.e. excluding preexisting conditions).

  • Here food/drink poisoning or infection by bacteria/virus is included

Maximum indemnity

The maximum sum the insurance will pay for each form of cover

*Falck Global Assistance
An medical advise centre that 24 hours a day can confirm to doctors, hospitals etc that you have a valid insurance, and that also can arrange emergency treatment and guarantee payment of bills.
Phone + 46 (0)8 587 717 17